13 de maio de 2013

Living, leaving, learning

That’s my farewell. I’ll be away in three weeks and I know exactly what I’m gonna miss in this beautiful country. Some of you might not know but Brazil is a free country since the Declaration of Independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. In 1988 slavery was abolished. And even though Brazil it’s a democracy, we’ve been having a very short control of our lives. So now I realize that what I’ll most miss in Australia will be my freedom. To be free to decide to walk wherever I want and whenever I need without worrying what could happen. To be ok about leaving my door opened or my keys in my mailbox and do not think that would be a threat. To decide to park my bike somewhere on the street and go back home by bus because I’m too tired to ride. Or even to ride it at 4 o’clock in the morning because I have to. To not need to have a cage since I have free birds singing by my window and coming to ask for food on my balcony every afternoon. I’ll miss the freedom to choose if I want to quit my job and try a better opportunity as many times as I need in my life. To be able to decide how much I need. If I need money, I work more, I’m better rewarded. If I need spare time, to spend with my friends, with my husband, with myself, I’ll get less shifts and I’ll be happy too. To be able to choose how you’re gonna live your life is a gift. A gift I will always remember.

And what I really understand now is that doesn’t really matter where you go. The most amazing experience is to live abroad. Somewhere you don’t recognise as your safe place. To live a life that you wouldn’t have in your own country. I’ll tell you something, If you haven’t had the opportunity to know people from other countries. They also complain a lot. They complain about their government, they complain about security, employment, health insurance and everything that you are also used to complain about Brazil. So the promise that I make to myself now it’s to try to free myself in my own country. To enjoy to be there more than ever. Because with all its issues, it's the place where I belong to. And because no matter what, I’ll never be free enough in Australia holding a temporary visa.  
And honestly, I love Brazil, and I’m so confident that I’ll love my new life, and I’m gonna still complain a lot as like I fucking do here as well. Life is hard anywhere. Home is where your heart belongs to. 

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